Tell your boyfriend to swallow his pride and have him see the numbers

I’ve been with 3 different MLM’s in over a span of 17 years (including Primer) and believe me, I gave the MLM theory of that trickle down commission every opportunity to work and I hope all these unscrupulous companies take a hard nose dive in the court of law. In some ways if you actually take a closer look, any of these sales reps and their downline are indirectly working under a illegal pyramid scheme.

It’s a shame it takes near bankruptcy to finally see the theory of ‘more coming in than going out’. I could never understand why so many professionals with college degrees that takes years to earn,quit their lucrative jobs for an unproven system. I first tried out my marketing skills in ’80 at age 20 when I was in the work force with no college so I didn’t throw away a college degree or tuition.

But honestly, I can’t conduct business with a friend by selling shampoo or term life insurance. It just doesn’t seem comfortable for me to take my neighbors’ money in this nature. It certainly took a while for my friends to talk to me again after I gave up the chase.(and tell your boyfriend: yes I even made many cold calls so I didn’t go just one route. Attended many seminars locally and afar costing thousands and chasing prospects over hundreds of miles traveled !! I was just as determined as he is.)

I even had my girlfriend as partner in the business in my final attempt in ’95. I figured a multi award-winning car salesperson should find promoting MLM products easy. How advantageous was my situation?? I had the resources, experience and NOW the talent on my team to go far. The system just doesn’t work for the downline.

I can only recommend that since he’s not listening to you that he takes that journey himself and if the trend continues he’ll have to break. I know it took me almost TWO years to get over the anger after my final attempt of the business,almost two years to get back to financial stability and almost two years to get my friends back. And even if your boyfriend has even a modicum of success how many small wrecks would he have made in his wake ?
I’m sure he’ll see the light because his wallet won’t allow him to be blind for long.

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