My boyfriend of a year has been involved with PrimerInc for 6 years

PrimerInc is a MLM financial scheme. At first he was making good money then it all fell apart 2 years ago. He is still unwilling to see all the problems it is causing him.

He is making $300.00 a month and spending $2000.00 a month. He is selling all of his belongs and he is close to declaring bankruptcy.
He is unwilling to get a 9-5 job because he says he does not have the “employee mentality”. He keeps bragging about what a great company PrimerInc is and it would have worked if x or y had been different. He can’t see that the company is the problem.

6 months ago we got into our first argument. I told him I did not like PrimerInc one bit and that he needed to find some other line of work. He found a job with one of his PrimerInc buddies in which he sells computer hardware. He works on commission only and has yet to sell anything. He told me it takes time to sell things, (that is what PrimerInc taught him) and I need to patient but one of the products will surely make him $100,000.00 in 12 months. I recently told him he needed to find a Job that pays.

Don’t get me wrong he is a good person and fun to be around he has just been brainwashed by this company. He was an extremely successful computer programmer before PrimerInc took over his life.

My question is to all those MLM survivors- how do you deprogram someone from this kind of thinking? I asked my boyfriend if he would work for another company like PrimerInc if offered the chance. He said of course he would. I am nearly at wits end to make him see the light.

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