I’ve seen various posts on here about affiliate marketing

and I just wanted to make something clear–the only thing affiliate marketing has in common with Multi-Level Marketing is the word “marketing.”

In affiliate marketing, you sign up with an affiliate company and you sell their stuff on a commission. Depending on what they’re selling, you could make money just for people signing up for something (zip submits or email submits they’re usually called) or sometimes just when someone clicks on an ad—PPC, or Pay Per Click. Personally, I do CPA Marketing which is when you get a payout when a customer buys something. To clarify, these “people” and “customers” I refer to are never anyone I know–this kind of stuff is done through stuff like mass emails, banner ads, and google adwords. If you check your bulk mail right now almost everything you’re seeing are CPA offers. For example, for a while I was doing the Phentramine Pill–every time someone ordered the free trial of the pills by clicking on the advertisement I paid for on Google or Yahoo, I made $30. It’s a very lucrative business but it definitely fits the definition of “It take money to make money.” Never, ever money you have to pay to affiliate companies, but rather the money you have to spend to advertise. And the smarter you get and the longer you do it, the cheaper it becomes to advertise–it’s one of those things you learn as you go along.

I’m a member of this group not because I ever joined a MLM but because I live in Utah and it’s hard to live here and not know someone who isn’t a member of one. I had one friendship in particular that completely fell apart because of my lack of interest in joining ACN. I have a step-brother who lost thousands of dollars in some real estate mlm scheme and he is still delusional enough to defend it–he thinks he was the one who failed, not the business plan. I would never endorse anything I thought was anything like a MLM, even ones I consider more “innocent” like the, oh I can’t think of the name, but the housewares stuff. I have family that sale it and they make an okay side income, but on principle I’m still opposed to it and almost never go to the parties.

My point–affiliate marketing is not MLM, period. But it does cost money (in advertising expenses). And often the stuff you’re selling is total crap. Like the Phentramine pill I mentioned. I ordered some just for fun and it’s just a huge caffeine and B-12 pill that kept me awake for 24 hours–total rip off, imo–which is why I stopped selling it.
As for doing surveys with Clickbank, I don’t know anyone who makes real money doing surveys, but I know people, including myself, who make real money getting others to sign up to take surveys. 😉
I’d be happy to answer any questions anyone has about affiliate marketing if you want to send me a PM–but I’m still getting my feet wet so I’m hardly an expert. And don’t worry, I won’t respond with a link for you to sign up for anything.

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