Is anyone here aware of the MLM company Primer Inc.?

I was called for a job interview at what I thought was a legit mortgage/financial company, until I saw the telltale business front with no signage on the front, the multiple offices consisting of a round table, a couple of chairs, and multiple awards on the back wall. Not to mention a large room set up for a presentation, and a few wet behind the ears young adults in new dress shirts and ties. I lied to get out of there as soon as I could because I can’t afford to take that chance.

Does anyone have an opinion on them or their products, or even why CitiFinancial would even allow them to exist? They seem to be a sister company.

By the way, I’ve been duped by a friend peddling Amway, some Debt Free Living pyramid scheme based in Vegas, lost $300 joining Equinox, and almost got screwed by Herbalife until I did a lot of research on the internet and finding out what they really are and how mediocre and overpriced their products are.

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