If you want to sell or rather replace whole life

ins with term life insurance and mutual funds this is one company where you can do that. They have expanded their offerings to other things and sometimes they have gotten a bit out of hand. In their mortgage work I have personally seen a few horror stories where they refinanced someone’s house and they hurt the client big time. When the client tried to reach the agent to cancel the refinancing the agent stalled them until the 3 day waiting period had expired. Their thing is buy term and invest the difference. They do not have the cheapest term products around. The difference (the savings from whole or universal life vs. term ins) they would like you to invest in mutual funds, but they often give you funds that are very heavily front end loaded which cuts into your ROI. Often times they just sell the insurance and leave you in the lurch for the mutual fund (small commission)and your savings wind up being spent on other things. You do have the opportunity to recruit other agents below you and you can make override commissions when they sell products but remember it’s about selling products. Do you want to be a salesperson? Other insurance companies do not give you the opportunity to recruit your own salesforce and make override commissions but remember a product has to be sold in order to make commission.
The stories about becoming a billionaire by recruiting, be careful most do not for various reasons. Like many MLM companies they recruit non sales types and expect them to move product when these folks don’t know the first thing about sales and don’t want to, but they are told it’s not sales it’s showing. Be careful and do your research and look into other life insurance companies eg: Met Life, Prudential, etc. if you really want to sell life insurance. Good luck

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