I know this subject is totally off topic, but I thought I’d ask anyways

We live in TX and we got approached by an energy company to sign a lease with them for to drill for natural gas and oil near our land. They gave us a sign on bonus of $2100. They said that if anything is found, you will get a 25% royalty. But, that 25% is spilt among thousands of people. According to my calculations, the most we will get is hopefully about $50-100 per month which is better than nothing. More than I made in any mlm! We don’t own a lot of land, Our house is not big and we just have .145 acres, so we are not going to get much. For any of you who did do this, how much of a royalty check did you get? They say it will take months and months before they actually get the well set up and start the drilling process.

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