I agree with what you are saying, for the most part

Just today I interviewed a woman who had some unlicensed contracting work done on her home that was sold to her by a local pastor. According to people he used to work with, “If you can sell God, you can sell anything.”

The statement I made about Christians being well off was actually based on actual members of my own church who *do* act ethically *all* the time, sometimes to their financial detriment, not just a blanket statement or assumption about people I do not have personal knowledge of. Believe me, I am well aware of the hypocrasy that runs rampant in churches, etc… All I was saying is that neither God nor Jesus preached that you had to be poor to serve them, just that if you were rich, you had a harder time of it (more temptations, etc.) If you want to start quoting chapter and verse, we can discuss it, but let’s not waste time arguing about human nature. We’re all screwed up one way or another.

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