Hope some of this is helpful

You need to read Steve Hassan’s books on cults and helping people get out of them – you can find them on second hand on Amazon or bookfinder.com. Cults don’t have to be religious organisations, there are commercial cults as well.

If he is using phrases like ’employee mentality’ Primerica are obviously using the same script as Amway/Quixtar. In all the meetings I attended they were always putting down J.O.B.s

Make sure your own finances are protected. Don’t support his business in any way. Make sure you don’t have any joint accounts or liabilities for bills.

Presenting him with negative information on Primerica probably won’t work, but asking lots of questions, to which he has to find out fhe answers, may. Such as, how are the higher-ups making their money? Can any of them prove, by tax forms, that they are making money? Is there a ‘training system’ in Primerica which generates income for someone?

I did a commission only job for a while – selling advertising space on the telephone. I did make good money at this but I needed to constantly program myself with positive self-talk in order to get through the days when everyone hung up on me. He may find some of the reputable books on selling helpful, assuming the computer company he’s with is a good one. You can probably find some in the library. However, if he’s still not sold anything after several months his confidence must be rock-bottom and that’s a vicious circle when it comes to sales.

Perhaps suggest that he looks for another programming job which pays a salary, just to get him through the next few months.

I know he’s probably been taught that ‘winners never quit’ but remember that the height of stupidity is to continue to do the same thing and expect to get a different result.

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