Great ideas! Thanks!

I did put a misc budget of $100 for minor boo-boos and mis-budgeted items. Forgot items would be a budget buster especially if it was a coat! I’ll have to think about that. I may just keep the money in the emergency fund for something like that.

Laundromat is on the budget. I don’t want to pack 10 days worth of clothes! It would be too much to fit in the car. Yes, detergent. Good, hadn’t thought of that. I budgeted $10/day per kid for souvenirs, snacks, coins, etc. Hopefully I can get them to collect something cheap like postcards as their souvenirs!

Not sure how to plan for excursions. Don’t know what will tickle our fancy each day. I’m usually the one who says no to things because of the cost. I’d rather have some fun and be able to say yes to the bicycle rentals, horseback riding, etc. I guess I’ll just pad the entertainment budget and hope I come home with some of the money. Maybe $30/per person per day?

Food is another hard one. I can bring breakfast food and lunch stuff, snacks too. But we are on vacation and I do want to eat out. I just don’t know what types of food costs we will need. Maybe $20/per person for dinner per day?

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